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10LPH Auxiliary Equipments Pneumtic Chemical Dosing Pump

China WenZhou Yinuo Machinery Co.,Ltd. certification
China WenZhou Yinuo Machinery Co.,Ltd. certification
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10LPH Auxiliary Equipments Pneumtic Chemical Dosing Pump

10LPH Auxiliary Equipments Pneumtic Chemical Dosing Pump
10LPH Auxiliary Equipments Pneumtic Chemical Dosing Pump 10LPH Auxiliary Equipments Pneumtic Chemical Dosing Pump 10LPH Auxiliary Equipments Pneumtic Chemical Dosing Pump

Large Image :  10LPH Auxiliary Equipments Pneumtic Chemical Dosing Pump

Product Details:
Place of Origin: WENZHOU, CHINA
Brand Name: JOSTON
Certification: CE,ISO,FDA,GMP
Model Number: GM
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD3000-20000
Packaging Details: Export standard package
Delivery Time: 35 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 SETS/MONTH

10LPH Auxiliary Equipments Pneumtic Chemical Dosing Pump

Marketing Type: New Product 2021 Type: Pump
Warranty: 1 Year After Warranty Service: Online Support/visit Client's Plant Site
Local Service Location: Agent Is Available If Have Local Office After-sales Service Provided: Online Support/visit Client's Plant Site
OEM: Parameter Customization Material: 304/316L Stainless Steel
Core Components: Pump Function: Dosing
Key Selling Points: Energy-saving /high Effective / Vacuum /evaporator In Low Temperature Keywords: Plastic Pump/Metering Pump/Dosing Pump/Pneumtic Pump/Peristaltic Pump
Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory
High Light:

10LPH Auxiliary Equipments


SUS316L Auxiliary Equipments


Pneumtic chemical dosing pump

Dosing Pump Plastic Pump Metering Pump Dosing Pump Pneumtic Pump Peristaltic Pump


Applicable industry

Petroleum industry, natural gas extraction, chemical industry, oil refining, thermal power plants, industrial and mining (boilers), food, pharmaceuticals, scientific research, printing and dyeing, papermaking, environmental protection, especially water treatment industries, etc.

The adjustment form of the metering pump: manual adjustment, electric adjustment, frequency conversion adjustment.

Others: explosion-proof motors can be configured, spare parts, wearing parts, tools, etc. are provided free of charge. Can be consigned to the user and responsible for debugging.


Scope of application

Suitable for occasions with high pressure, low pressure, strong (weak) corrosiveness and high measurement accuracy;

For example, it is used for the dosing of additives in the petroleum industry and the extraction of natural gas; the chemical industry is used for dosing proportional chemical media; it is used for the dosing pump for industrial water treatment in environmental protection; and it is used for purifying water in the boiler of thermal power plant. Dosing pump and so on.



1. Determine the pressure: The rated pressure of the selected metering pump should be slightly higher than the actual maximum pressure required, generally 10-20% higher. Don't choose too high, too high pressure will waste energy and increase equipment investment and operating costs.

2. Determine the flow rate: The flow rate of the selected metering pump should be equal to or slightly larger than the flow rate required by the process. The use range of the metering pump flow rate is preferably 30 to 100% of the metering pump's rated flow rate range. At this time, the metering pump has a high repeatability accuracy. Considering economy and practicability, it is recommended that the actual required flow of the metering pump should be 70-90% of the rated flow of the metering pump.

3. Determine the material of the pump head (hydraulic end): After the specific model and specifications of the metering pump are determined, select the material of the flow part according to the properties of the flow medium. This step is very important. If the selection is improper, it will cause corrosion damage to the medium. Leakage of overflow parts or media contaminates the system, etc. In severe cases, it may cause major accidents.

Other aspects: When choosing a metering pump, you also need to consider the accuracy level of the metering pump required. The higher the accuracy level, the greater the investment. The general working temperature of metering pump is -30~100℃, and the working temperature range of special metering pump is wider (such as high temperature liquid metering pump with insulation jacket, its delivery temperature can reach 500℃). For the particle size of the medium, the requirement should be less than 0.1mm. For the medium greater than 0.1mm, the flow structure of the pump can be changed to meet the needs. The viscosity of the medium should generally be 0~1000mm/s, and the special metering pump can reach 6000 mm2/s. The flow rate of the mechanical diaphragm metering pump is the maximum flow measured under the calibrated rated pressure (clean water delivery at room temperature) When the pressure drops, the output flow will be higher than the calibrated value.


Related matters

Installation matters

1. Export is higher than import to avoid siphon phenomenon

2. Pump head and injection valve require vertical installation

3. The attached pipe fittings can be tightened by hand, do not use tools; do not use raw material tape at the thread

4. The power supply voltage is stable and grounded

5. The installation environment is clean, spacious and well ventilated



⒈ According to the overcurrent part

⑴ Plunger, piston type ⑵ Mechanical diaphragm type ⑶ Hydraulic diaphragm type

⒉ According to the driving mode

⑴Motor drive ⑵Electromagnetic drive

⒊ According to the working method

⑴Reciprocating type ⑵Rotary type (3) Gear type

4. According to the characteristics of the pump

⑴Extra large base ⑵Large base ⑶Medium base ⑷Small base ⑸Micro base

Other classification methods: electric control type, air control type, heat preservation type, heating type, high viscosity type, etc.

Principle characteristics

The structure of the pump

The pump is composed of three parts: motor, transmission box, and cylinder.

The transmission box component is composed of a worm gear mechanism, a stroke adjustment mechanism and a crank connecting rod mechanism; the high adjustment stroke is implemented by rotating the adjustment hand wheel, thereby changing the eccentricity of the moving shaft to achieve the purpose of changing the plunger (piston) stroke.

The cylinder part is composed of pump head, suction valve group, discharge valve group, plunger and packing seal.

working principle

The motor drives the worm through the coupling and decelerates the main shaft and the eccentric wheel through the worm gear to make a rotary motion. The eccentric wheel drives the reciprocating motion in the sliding adjusting seat of the bow-shaped connecting rod. When the plunger moves to the rear dead center, a vacuum is gradually formed in the pump chamber, the suction valve opens, and liquid is sucked in; when the plunger moves to the forward dead center, the suction valve closes and the discharge valve opens, and the liquid moves further toward the plunger. Exhausted during exercise. In the reciprocating cycle of the pump, a continuous pressured and quantitative discharge liquid is formed.

Flow regulation

The flow rate of the pump is adjusted by rotating the adjustment hand wheel to drive the adjustment screw to rotate, thereby changing the distance between the bow-shaped connecting rods and changing the stroke of the plunger (piston) in the pump cavity to determine the flow rate. The scale of the adjustment handwheel determines the stroke of the plunger, with an accuracy rate of 95%.

Features of the pump

⒈The pump has superior performance. The diaphragm metering pump has absolutely no leakage, high safety performance, accurate metering and delivery, the flow can be adjusted arbitrarily from zero to the maximum rated value, and the pressure can be arbitrarily selected from normal pressure to the maximum allowable range.

⒉Intuitive and clear adjustment, stable operation, no noise, small size, light weight, convenient maintenance, and can be used in parallel.

⒊The pump has many varieties, complete performance, suitable for conveying from -30 degrees to 450 degrees, viscosity is 0-800mm/s, maximum discharge pressure can reach 64Mpa, flow range is 0.1-20000L/h, and measurement accuracy is within ±1%.

⒋According to the technological requirements, the pump can be manually adjusted and the flow can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and it can also realize remote control and automatic computer control.


Measuring range: 0-400 liters/hour

Pressure range: 0-1.0 MPa

Drive mode: motor drive

Control method: manual, automatic control (can receive 4-20mA signal to adjust the flow)

1. Cast aluminum shell, high heat dissipation performance, light overall weight, suitable for various acid and alkali liquids, non-toxic and tasteless.

2. Use cam mechanism. There is no leakage on the whole, and it can be installed on the medicine tank or pipeline.

3. The contact medium pump head is made of PVC, optional PTFE, and stainless steel.

4. High cost performance, universally applicable to water treatment industries with low pressure requirements.

5. When the pump is running or stopping, the flow can be adjusted arbitrarily and can also be output quantitatively.

6. The diaphragm is pressed into a multilayer composite structure. The first layer is super tough Teflon acid-resistant film, the second layer is EPDM elastic rubber, the third layer is thick support iron core, the fourth layer is reinforced by reinforced nylon fiber, and the fifth layer is EPDM. The elastic rubber is completely covered, which can effectively increase the service life of the diaphragm.


Parameter Table

Model 50Hz 60Hz Pressure Diaphragm
SPM Flow
GM10/1.2 10 2.6 48 3.1 12 58 12 174 60 0.37KW
GM25/1.0 25 6.6 7.9 30 10 145
GM50/1.0 50 13 96 16 60 115 10 145
GM90/0.7 90 23 48 28 108 58 7 102 112
GM120/0.7 120 32 38 144 7 102
GM170/0.7 170 45 96 54 204 115 7 102
GM240/0.5 240 63 76 288 5 73
GM330/0.5 330 86 144 104 396 173 5 73
GM400/0.5 400 105 126 480 5 73
GM500/0.5 500 131 157 600 5 73


Model PVC PVDF SS304/316
GM10-GM25 6*9 mm hose RC1/2" F 8*14mm welding union
GM50 DN15 glue union RC1/2" F 10*16mm welding union
GM90-GM120 DN15 glue union RC1/2" F 10*16mm welding union
GM170-GM330 DN15 glue union RC1/2" F 15*22mm welding union
GM400-GM500 DN15 glue union RC3/4" F 15*22mm welding union


Why choose us:

  1. through our perfect design,manufacturing and after-sale service,ensure that the production the effective use period.
  2. Give full play the design performance indicators.
  3. Offer you from technical design to equipement manufacturing and installation and debugging integration service.




1.What about your factory?

Our factory is located in Wenzhou city ,Zhejiang Province and have more than 15 years experience on machinery making.


2.How will your company control the equipment quality ?

We have a qualified expert team ,we will inspect every production proceed .also Machines will be tested in our plant before shipment .


3.How long the warranty will be?

We provide 1 years warranty for the machine running ,but we will afford whole -life service for the machine .


4.Which kind payment do your company do now ?

We accept Western Union, T/T ,D/P,D/C and irrevocable L/C payable etc.


5.Can we become your distributor in our country?

Yes, we very welcome you! More details will be discussed if you are interested in being our agent.


6.Why we choose "JOSTON "?

1. We enhance the reliability of product's quality and working life .

2. We decrease the consumption cost of the product in the ruuning.

3. We improve research personnel's ability to deliver a creative design;

4. We use leading technologies in our product development and innovation, and thereby increase the competitive advantage of products.


7.Do you supply installation equipment in oversea?

Yes, if need, we can send our engineer to your plant to help you do installation and commission.


8.Do you supply installation equipment in oversea?

Yes, if need, we can send our engineer to your plant to help you do installation and commission.


9.How can we know the order production status ?

We will arrange the person to take photo or video during manufacturing in every week to make you to know the production status.When goods are finished,we will take detailed photos or video for your checking ,after approve ,then we will arrange shipment .also you can arrange FAT in our plant when the goods is ready here


10.hat is kind service do you offer before making order ?

1.according to your company URS ,we will make the design drawing accoridingly.

2.after your company approved drawing ,we will make quotation.

3. final we make agreement on payment terms ,delivery time ,package ,shipment etc. about your company after-sale serivce ?

1. We provide long-term after-sale service.

2. we can do installation and commission for the equipment in your plant if necessary .

3. Meanwhile, you can call or e-mail us to consult on any relevant question since we have a special line for after-sale service. Alternatively, you can communicate on-line with us to solve any problem.

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