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FDA Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System 1000LPH Purification Tank

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FDA Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System 1000LPH Purification Tank

FDA Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System 1000LPH Purification Tank
FDA Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System 1000LPH Purification Tank FDA Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System 1000LPH Purification Tank

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: WENZHOU, CHINA
Brand Name: JOSTON
Certification: CE,ISO,FDA,GMP
Model Number: WTM
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: USD3000-20000
Packaging Details: Export standard package
Delivery Time: 35 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 30 SETS/MONTH

FDA Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System 1000LPH Purification Tank

Marketing Type: New Product 2021 Type: Purify Water Treatment
Warranty: 1 Year After Warranty Service: Online Support/visit Client's Plant Site
Local Service Location: Agent Is Available If Have Local Office After-sales Service Provided: Online Support/visit Client's Plant Site
Material: 304/316L Stainless Steel OEM: Parameter Customization
Heating Model: Steam/hot Oil/hot Water/electrical Function: Purify Water Treatment Machine Use A Semipermeable Membrane To Remove Ions,molecules, And Larger Particles From Water.
Core Components: Feed Water Pump- Sand Filter--Active Carbon Filter -Softener -Cartridge Filter- High-pressure Pump- RO System Key Selling Points: Energy-saving /high Effective / Vacuum /evaporator In Low Temperature
Feeding: Liquid+ Water (solvent) Output: Liquid Solution
Keywords: Water Purifier For Industrial Use/small Water Purification Systems/water Filtration Equipment Manufacturers/purified Water Treatment System/water Treatment Machine Manufacturers Applicable Industries: Use A Semipermeable Membrane To Remove Ions,molecules, And Larger Particles From Water.
High Light:

1000LPH Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System


FDA Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis System


EDI water purification tank

Purify Water Treatment Machine water purifier for industrial use small water purification systems


purify water treatment machine use a semipermeable membrane to remove ions,molecules, and larger particles from water.

Feed water pump- Sand filter--Active carbon filter -Softener -Cartridge filter- High-pressure pump- RO system


Function for the equipments:

1. Automatic backwashing multi-media filter:

Most of the multi-media filter tanks are filled with quartz sand, anthracite and manganese sand. Its main function is to reduce the turbidity of water, and can remove a large number of bacteria, viruses, organics and so on. Thus, favorable conditions are created for the subsequent disinfection process. Manganese sand can remove iron and manganese effectively.

2. Automatic backwashing activated carbon filter tank:

Coconut shell activated carbon

Activated carbon has a large number of micropores and a large specific surface area, and has a very strong physical adsorption capacity. It can effectively absorb impurities in water, especially organics and microorganisms. The function of oxygen-containing catalytic oxidation and chemical adsorption formed on the surface of activated carbon can remove some metal ions from water. Activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect on the residual chlorine in the water, so as to protect the downstream stainless steel equipment and pipeline surface and meet the water inlet requirements of the subsequent water treatment unit.

3. Automatic recoil and regeneration softening tank:

The softener is filled with sodium cation exchange resin. Through the ion exchange reaction of resin, the hardness of water can be reduced to prevent calcium and magnesium ions from combining with carbonate and sulfate ions and scaling in the subsequent water treatment equipment or pipeline.

4. Precision filter:

Precision filter is also called security filter, and its filtering accuracy is generally 5 μ M. Its function is to intercept all materials with particle size greater than 5 μ m, so as to meet the water inflow requirements of reverse osmosis.

5. Reverse osmosis:

The key to the application of reverse osmosis technology lies in the performance of reverse osmosis membrane which plays the role of desalting. Reverse osmosis membrane is a kind of semi permeable membrane which only allows water molecules to pass through but not solute. In addition to the principle of reverse osmosis and reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis technology also uses the selective adsorption of membrane and screening mechanism for organic matters. The pore size of reverse osmosis membrane is less than or equal to 10 × 10-10m, and the separation object is the organic matter in the range of ion and molecular weight of several hundred in the solution. It can filter all kinds of bacteria, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa (3000 × 10-10m), influenza virus (800 × 10-10m), meningitis virus (200 × 10-10m) and pyrogen (10-500 × 10-10m) This is an issue of great concern for pharmaceutical water.

Because of its simple operation process and high efficiency of desalting, reverse osmosis is used in water for pharmaceutical process, which has high capacity of removing pyrogen and is also relatively economic, and it has become the preferred water treatment unit in pharmaceutical water process. Reverse osmosis technology is not only used in the preparation process of purified water, but also used to produce water with quality of water for injection. This method has been included in USP since the 19th edition as one of the legal methods for preparation of water for injection.

6. Electric deionization (EDI):

EDI is also a kind of ion exchange system, which uses a mixed resin bed, selective permeable membrane and charger to ensure the continuous water treatment and resin regeneration. The treatment process is that the raw water first enters into the resin section, when the water passes through the resin, the metal charge ion is removed and the product water is formed. The resin used in this system can be seen as a conductor. Under the action of potential energy, the captured anions and cations are forced to condense through the resin and the osmotic membrane, and then get out of the water flow. At the same time, in the resin section, the potential energy of the potential electrolyzes the water into hydrogen ions and hydrogen oxygen ions, so that the resin can be regenerated continuously without adding regenerant.

7. Sterilization system:

A. orderly combination of oxygen and ultraviolet for disinfection / sterilization. Ozone is a kind of strong oxidant, its oxidation ability is only the second with fluorine in natural elements. Ozone can oxidize and decompose glucose oxidase, which is necessary for the internal oxidation of glucose in bacteria. It can also directly interact with bacteria and viruses, destroy cells and RNA, decompose macromolecular polymers such as DNA, RNA, protein, lipids and polysaccharides, and destroy the material metabolism, growth and reproduction process of bacteria. In water treatment, deodorization.Decolorization, sterilization, removal of phenol, cyanogen, iron, manganese and reduction of COD, BOD have significant effects. UV can reduce the formation rate of new colonies in the pretreatment system of water system. The 254 nm UV lamp located behind ozone can be used for disinfection and removal of ozone residues at the same time.

B. circulation and reflux to prevent bacterial growth. The pretreatment system, water preparation system and water system in the purified water system are respectively provided with circulating water channels, when no water is used on holidays or at night; when the purified water tank is full of water; when the effluent conductivity exceeds the standard, each system.

The internal water keeps a certain degree of circulation, supplemented with ultraviolet or ozone / ultraviolet sterilization when necessary to prevent bacteria breeding.

Model No WT-M-1000
Capacity 1000LPH(Liter per Hour)
Nominal Recovery 65-75%
Nominal Salt Rejection 99.60%
Operating Temperature 15°C-45°C
Design Temperature 25°C
Feed Pump 0.75KW
High Pressure Pump 1.50KW
Voltage 220V /380V/460V - 50Hz/60Hz


Why choose us:

  1. through our perfect design,manufacturing and after-sale service,ensure that the production the effective use period.
  2. Give full play the design performance indicators.
  3. Offer you from technical design to equipement manufacturing and installation and debugging integration service.




1.What about your factory?

Our factory is located in Wenzhou city ,Zhejiang Province and have more than 15 years experience on machinery making.


2.How will your company control the equipment quality ?

We have a qualified expert team ,we will inspect every production proceed .also Machines will be tested in our plant before shipment .


3.How long the warranty will be?

We provide 1 years warranty for the machine running ,but we will afford whole -life service for the machine .


4.Which kind payment do your company do now ?

We accept Western Union, T/T ,D/P,D/C and irrevocable L/C payable etc.


5.Can we become your distributor in our country?

Yes, we very welcome you! More details will be discussed if you are interested in being our agent.


6.Why we choose "JOSTON "?

1. We enhance the reliability of product's quality and working life .

2. We decrease the consumption cost of the product in the ruuning.

3. We improve research personnel's ability to deliver a creative design;

4. We use leading technologies in our product development and innovation, and thereby increase the competitive advantage of products.


7.Do you supply installation equipment in oversea?

Yes, if need, we can send our engineer to your plant to help you do installation and commission.


8.Do you supply installation equipment in oversea?

Yes, if need, we can send our engineer to your plant to help you do installation and commission.


9.How can we know the order production status ?

We will arrange the person to take photo or video during manufacturing in every week to make you to know the production status.When goods are finished,we will take detailed photos or video for your checking ,after approve ,then we will arrange shipment .also you can arrange FAT in our plant when the goods is ready here


10.hat is kind service do you offer before making order ?

1.according to your company URS ,we will make the design drawing accoridingly.

2.after your company approved drawing ,we will make quotation.

3. final we make agreement on payment terms ,delivery time ,package ,shipment etc.


11.how about your company after-sale serivce ?

1. We provide long-term after-sale service.

2. we can do installation and commission for the equipment in your plant if necessary .

3. Meanwhile, you can call or e-mail us to consult on any relevant question since we have a special line for after-sale service. Alternatively, you can communicate on-line with us to solve any problem.

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