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company news about Why is wheat beer the most popular beer in China?

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Why is wheat beer the most popular beer in China?
Latest company news about Why is wheat beer the most popular beer in China?

When it comes to wheat beer, it's almost a synonym for beer that no one in China knows. So if you ask a random drinker, he will probably think that beer is brewed from wheat.

Of course, this is totally different from the actual situation. Due to the high protein content, low sugar content, lack of starch hydrolase, easy separation of bran, long-term staple food in human history, and inevitable strategic materials in the war years, wheat has never been the main force of wine making. On the contrary, barley with the same large yield, low protein content, high sugar content, rich starch hydrolase and bran can be used as a natural sugar filter bed, which is the absolute core of beer brewing. Today's beer, whether it's al, lager or natural fermentation, almost no need to brew barley.

However, all kinds of wheat beer with 30-70% wheat in the formula is still one of the most prosperous in the beer world, among which German wheat beer is the leader. This is especially true for China, where beer culture is relatively short and weak. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Wheat beer has a beautiful appearance, many of which are standard "a pot of turbid wine likes to meet.". Many things in ancient and modern times are being talked about. This is different from ordinary lager beer in its pursuit of clarity and transparency, mainly due to the protein turbidity brought by wheat and the turbidity of fresh yeast. In addition, wheat beer generally has a high demand for sand taste, and the carbon dioxide content can reach up to 5.5-7 grams / liter. It has short and short chain proteins (less than 10000 Dalton value), and it has a long foaming foam caused by long chain protein (above 40000 Dalton value). In addition, wheat beer can be made in various colors from light to dark.

2. The flavor of wheat beer is charming. Wheat itself brings more bread flavor and sweetness than barley, and the standard Bavarian wheat beer yeast also has its own characteristics. It brings two extremely important flavor sources for wheat beer: 4-vinyl guaiacol and isoamyl acetate (also including amyl acetate and other amyl acetate). Don't be surprised by these two terms. The former has a light clove flavor, similar to the diluted eugenol, while the latter is called "banana oil". These two are the metabolites of the unique style yeast fermentation of wheat beer. But that's not all!

3. The bitterness of wheat beer is very low. Even though the tolerance threshold for bitterness will continue to rise when the drinkers drink beer, just as the so-called more and more bitter, for example, many dual IPA and imperial IPA easily cross 80 IBU (International bitterness unit), in fact, bitterness is still a huge threshold when many people enter the beer world. Wheat beer is characterized by low bitterness. The classic weissbier is generally difficult to exceed 15 IBU. In addition to rich taste, strong sand taste and rich yeast metabolites, the bitterness is almost not reflected, so it is very easy to get started .

4. Wheat beer is social. Traditional Bavaria wheat beer has a large output, so the price is relatively cheap; the degree is generally no more than 6 degrees, which is very suitable for drinking; the bitterness is low, and everyone likes to drink; the taste of sand is strong, and it is more refreshing and delicious after freezing. Bottom line: great for Party drinking!


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