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company news about Who is buying CBD? What kind of products are popular? What do you buy CBD for? This consumer research tells you!

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Who is buying CBD? What kind of products are popular? What do you buy CBD for? This consumer research tells you!
Latest company news about Who is buying CBD? What kind of products are popular? What do you buy CBD for? This consumer research tells you!

Recently, in order to study the consumer population of CBD, new frontier data has investigated 3101 CBD consumers in 17 European countries and regions, and comprehensively analyzed the types of CBD consumers in Europe.

This study can tell us which people are popular with CBD? Where are the popular points? What type of product is the best to sell? What factors affect consumers' purchase? Who are the potential consumers of CBD products.

These data are important references for CBD practitioners to position consumers, position product efficacy, and formulate marketing strategies.

Who are interested in CBD?

The data shows that although consumers in the EU generally have a high level of awareness of CBD, the familiarity of young people is higher than that of old people. Six out of 10 people aged 18-54 have heard of CBD, compared with less than half (43%) of those aged 55 and over.

The study found that 6 / 10 of adults under 55 said they were "interested in learning more about CBD", compared with 42% of adults 55 and over.

Who has used CBD?

According to the survey, 18-34-year-olds are most likely to use CBD, with a probability of 26%; 35-54-year-olds are 16%; over 55-year-olds are only 7%

According to the survey, 49% of the people aged 18-34 said CBD had a positive impact on them; 47% of the people aged 35-54; 28% of the people aged over 55.

Why CBD?

What are the reasons why consumers use CBD? The most frequently answered questions (31%) were "remission", 23% for "medical" reasons, 23% for "pain management" reasons and 22% for "health care".

Among the consumers who use CBD for "health care" purposes, 37% improve their overall health level, 23% help them fall asleep, 11% improve their sleep quality, 9% improve their mood, 3% enhance their vitality, 2% improve their fitness training, and 16% improve their other health.

Among the consumers who use CBD for the purpose of "alleviation", 37% of them improve diseases, 30% manage the negative effects of other drugs, 18% improve gastrointestinal tract, and 3% reduce the expenditure of other drugs.

Among the consumers who use CBD for "medical" purposes, relaxation accounts for 36%, anxiety reduction 33%, and stress relief 30%.

How much does it cost on CBD?

On average, men spend more on CBD products than women, with more than a quarter of men (27%) reporting spending between 100 and 199 euros a month, according to the data. 64% of consumers spend less than 100 euros a month on CBD.

What CBD products are most popular?

CBD can be eaten, drunk, inhaled or taken orally. Which is the most popular form of consumption? According to the survey, "oil / tincture" is still the most popular product form in all market segments, especially for women, accounting for 61% of CBD products consumed by women and 49% of CBD products consumed by men.

The consumption patterns of pill / capsule, flower, electronic cigarette, beer / cider / wine in CBD of men are higher than that of women. Adding CBD to beer / cider / wine is relatively unpopular for both men and women.

Who is buying CBD?

The buyer of CBD products is not necessarily the consumer of CBD products. It may be used by others. "CBD buyers and consumers" tend to be young people, about half (49%) of whom are between 18 and 34 years old. By contrast, those "CBD free buyers" are older on average, with more than half (54%) between the ages of 35 and 54. This is because the middle age group may be more likely than other age groups to be caregivers or providers for older and younger generation families.

The data shows that the majority of people who are "both consumers and buyers" are men (63%). The proportion of men and women who are "buyers but not consumers" is relatively average (51% women, 49% men). In a family, women are more likely to be both caregivers and major buyers.

What are the factors that affect whether consumers buy?

Among the factors influencing consumers to buy CBD products, both men and women value "price" more than "brand".



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