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company news about What is hemp CBD oil? What's the point?

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What is hemp CBD oil? What's the point?
Latest company news about What is hemp CBD oil? What's the point?

Marijuana is an exciting name. In the past few years, the popularity of cannabis diphenol CBD extracted from cannabis has soared. All drinks, health care products, skin care products, food and other products containing cannabis diphenol have become new products of concern for a while.

In the United States, CBD oil is considered to be the coolest food. Although we can't find this kind of food on a large scale in supermarkets in the UK, in recent two years, CBD health care products have come into our sight. From Holland & Barrett health care products store to boots chain store, the ubiquitous commercial advertisements make us have to pay attention to this gical species: Cannabis!

Is marijuana diphenol marijuana?

CBD, or cannabinoids, is a pure natural ingredient extracted from cannabis plants. So far, cannabis can extract more than 80 substances, one of which is cannabis diphenol. It is widely used in medical treatment, skin care and other fields. And the commonly known marijuana is a very high kind of substance, the main ingredient is THC, which is a product strictly controlled by most countries in the world. It can excite, hallucinate and damage the nervous system. The United States federal law classifies this kind of marijuana as a first-class controlled drug, just like heroin heroin and cocaine cocaine.


Although CBD and thc are both extracted from marijuana, they are totally different substances. CBD was extracted from plant marijuana 20 years earlier than THC. CBD is a very good antioxidant, and its scientific research shows that it has a positive effect on human body.


In many countries around the world, cannabinoids have been approved as pharmaceutical and food additives. So, the hemp two phenol CBD is not the hemp THC in your imagination at all.


What's the use of cannabinoids?

Cannabis diphenol CBD was patented by the U.S. government as a neuroprotective and antioxidant as early as 2003. However, in recent years, low concentration CBD appears in health care products, food and skin care products, which is gradually recognized by most people. What's the use of cannabinoids?

1. Treatment of epilepsy

Epidiolex, a drug containing 98% CBD in the United States, is produced by GW pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom and approved by the food and Drug Administration of the United States. It is mainly used for two special types of epilepsy treatment.

2. Improve mood and resist anxiety

It can be used as a dietary supplement to improve mood and anti anxiety. However, we can rest assured that CBD oil at low concentration has no stimulating effect and will not become addicted. People with too much pressure, insomnia and anxiety can take it properly.

It's said that Coca Cola company will add some CBD in the drink. After drinking coke, you can not only refresh yourself, but also resist pressure. Ha ha!

3. Reduce inflammation, relieve joint and nerve pain, etc

At present, CBD research also found that it has certain efficacy in anti rheumatoid arthritis, gastroenteritis, anorexia, brain tumor and other aspects; in addition, it also has certain help in the prevention of cancer and diabetes.

4. Reduce the dependence of human body on alcohol and nicotine

It is very helpful to prevent liver cancer and cirrhosis. So it is very suitable for people who drink and smoke for a long time.

In general, CBD oil has a strong market potential. From the past few years, no one has paid attention to it, to the recent two years, the growth has doubled, and the peripheral products of CBD oil are also being developed. The CBD market is expected to soar to $5.7 billion by 2019 and $22 billion by 2022.


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