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company news about Depth analysis of CBD extraction technology

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Depth analysis of CBD extraction technology
Latest company news about Depth analysis of CBD extraction technology

It is found that there are more than 130 kinds of cannabinoids in hemp (cannabinoids are the effective components extracted from hemp plants), most of which have high application value. THC and CBD are two common cannabinoids.

THC is the hallucinogenic and addictive component of marijuana. According to THC content, thc can be divided into industrial marijuana (THC < 0.3%), intermediate marijuana (0.3% < thc < 0.5%), recreational marijuana (0.5% < THC, also known as drug marijuana).

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause hallucinogenic addiction and has an inhibitory effect on this "toxicity". CBD has a high market value. CBD is used in medical treatment, with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti epilepsy, anti-cancer, anti anxiety, treatment of depression and other effects; it is used in food, with the effect of improving sleep quality and immunity; it is used in skin care products, with the effect of anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and acne elimination. So how is CBD extracted?

The content of CBD in each part of hemp decreased in the order of bracts, flowers, leaves, fine stems and thick stems, and it was the highest in the flowers and leaves of female flowers, so the flower leaves were usually selected to extract CBD.


01 .Carbon dioxide extraction:

Carbon dioxide extraction can be divided into supercritical, subcritical and "medium critical" categories. Supercritical extraction is the most commonly used plant extraction method so far. Supercritical materials use the movement of carbon dioxide gas to gradually dissolve liquid and other substances, and finally provide safe and pure CBD products.

Extraction steps:

1. Prepare carbon dioxide in the compression chamber, reduce the temperature to below - 69 ° F and increase the pressure to above 75 psi. At this time, carbon dioxide gas is converted into liquid.

2. Increase the temperature and pressure until the liquid becomes "supercritical". In fact, supercritical carbon dioxide can fill a container such as a gas while maintaining a density such as a liquid. When carbon dioxide is in supercritical state, it is the best choice for chemical extraction because it will not cause denaturation or damage.

3. Put high-quality hemp in the extractor, and supercritical carbon dioxide dissolves in the extractor and collects plant extracts.

4. Send the liquid carbon dioxide into the low-pressure separator chamber, and the plant extract will be automatically separated from the carbon dioxide.

5. Carbon dioxide is returned to the storage tank to drain CBD oil from the separator.


1. Absolutely safe. Carbon dioxide is a common food additive and a completely safe consumer product.

2. It is pure without chlorophyll, and the risk of pollution is the least.


Expensive equipment!



02. solvent extraction:

Usually, ethanol is used as solvent to extract from hemp plant auxiliary materials.

1. Add ethanol into the auxiliary materials and mix for several minutes to make ethanol dissolve the extract in the plant raw materials

2. Ethanol is filtered from the auxiliary materials.

3. Slowly heat the ethanol / extract mixture until all ethanol evaporates, leaving only the plant extract.

Advantages: simple and cheap.

Disadvantages: dangerous (ethanol is easy to burn); likely to produce oil containing chlorophyll or other harmful pollutants.



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